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Behavioral Support

We provide Mental Health Skill Building Services to individuals with mental illness who are in need of client-centered, goal-directed, solution-based services in their natural environment or in the community. We are committed to enhancing their quality of life by meeting and challenging the needs of the individual: physical, mental, and social.  Our services integrate the principles of cultural competence, addressing the impact of discrimination/stigma, and inter-system collaboration into its service philosophy.

We believe anyone who has a mental illness issue can lead a fulfilling and productive life, and we have the caring staff and the right tools to help them get there. We also believe that all individuals have goals, aspirations, and a vision of their lives beyond their circumstances. With our evidence-based delivery of mental health skill-building, we help adolescents and adults achieve and maintain stability within the community, attain their goals, and improve their lives.

We assist our clients in developing a belief system, and we provide them with creative resources and opportunities for growth while encouraging them.

The key to our clients’ success is our highly qualified staff, evidence-based interventions, highly person-centered goal setting, and consistency; with regular, in-home visits we establish trust, build rapport, and work together with each client to achieve each client’s personalized goals.

In order for the clients to reach and maintain community stability and independence in the least restrictive environment, our Mental Health Skill-Building service provides goal-directed training in the following areas:

  • Managing mental health symptoms to avoid crisis and/or hospitalizations
  • Functional skills and appropriate behavior related to the individual’s health and safety
  • Maintaining a safe and clean home
  • Money management
  • Using a personal calendar to keep track of scheduled appointments
  • Utilizing public transportation and attending appointments independently
  • Use of community resources
  • Shopping for and preparing healthy meals and establishing good personal care habits
  • Medication management, including assistance with adherence to medication prescriptions
  • Advocating
  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Maintaining Self-Awareness Regarding Symptoms
  • Improving social skills such as anger management, communication practices, interpersonal relationships, and assertiveness
  • Monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition

The goals of the service include:

  • To provide outcome-driven and structured treatment in the least restrictive setting designed to improve the independence and self-sufficiency of adult clients within their homes.
  • To build strong client-agency trust while initiating collaboration between agencies and providers who are involved in the patient care.
  • To develop and implement an individualized service plan (ISP) which will serve as the client’s guide for treatment, health goal, and health advancement.
  • To promote a strengths-based care approach by thoroughly assessing the client’s need, personal challenges, areas of strength, and functional abilities.
  • To serve as a liaison between the client and resource agencies for service coordination and greater personal management of the client.


All adults who meet the criteria for Mental Health Skills Building Services are eligible for this program.

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