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Services and Supports

people making a fruit juiceMeetown Residential Care, Inc. uses person-centered approach and strength-based approach services.

We offer a continuum of the highest quality of programs and services by providing qualified and competent staff to assure appropriate implementation and consistency in delivery of programs and services.

The team of professionals are licensed and certified in their respective fields with appropriate experience and works collaboratively to address all of the individuals’ areas of need.

We aim to train, teach and prepare each adult with the knowledge and skills to help them reach their goals. Training will be based on the results of Program assessments and personal goals.

We have Registered Nurse Licensed and Practical Nurse on Staff. All of our staff have been trained in CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration, Emergency Preparedness, Human Right, Behavior Management and OSHA standards etc.

For a more thorough evaluation of your loved one’s eligibility for services, please call 703-884-5505 to set an appointment.

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